Hatchet Hall


 Hatchet Hall
Project: Southern Style Restaurant, Oyster Bar & Cocktail Bar

Assignment: design an interior and exterior space for the power team of Louie and Netty Ryan (Townhouse, Del Monte Speakeasy, The Virgil) and heavy hitter chef Brian Dunsmoor along with business partner/manager Jonathan Strader (Hart & Hunter, Ladies’ Gunboat Society). The menu would feature Dunsmoor’s personal brand of cooking; Southern tones and fresh local ingredients, the bar menu would offer grand prix cocktails. Wine maestros Maxwell Leer and Adam Vourvoulis would also be involved. Looks: the South, the Deep South, refined oyster bars, hunting lodges, gentleman’s bars,  grandma’s dining room – can you do it? can you put it all together? Factor in years of fossilizing, meaning it needs to look like it’s been there a long time. Affirmative.

Every molecule of the old space was reskinned and modified; the furniture custom or found. Wide ranging looks, selectively mingling. The investors are so happy, are they fighting for reservations with paying customers already?